History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

Eaton, Miss Hannah A., 110.
Eaton, Miss Johanna, 110.
Eaton, Louisa, (Mrs. S. H. Austin), 110.
Eaton, Miss Rebecca, 110.
Edwards, Caroline, (Mrs. William L. Smith), 108.
Edwards, Charlotte, (Mrs. B. F. Warner), 115.
Edwards, Julia, (Mrs. Charles H. Hurd), 117.
Edwards, Mary, (Mrs. Childs), 117.
Edwards, Sophia Orne, (Mrs. James H. Johnson), 109.
Emery, Miss Mary, 112.
Flint, Elizabeth H., (Mrs. Dr. Arthur W. Shiverick), 106.
Flint, Mary D. (Mrs. Daniel G. Bacon), 106.
Foot, Mrs. Adonijah,(Julia Bowles), 104.
Foster, Miss Ann, (Mrs. Alexander Stocking), 105.
Foster, Julia, (Mrs. Walter E. Chapin), 111.
Foster, Miss Maria, 111.
Frost, Caroline L., (Mrs. Wellington Thompson), 110.
Glover, Miss Fanny, 111.
Glover, Martha, (Mrs. Simmons), 111.
Goodwin, Mrs. A. S. W., (Sophia C. Tobey), 112.
Gordon, Mrs. Solomon J., (Rebecca Ames), 110.
Graves, Miss Martha D., 111.
Greene, Mrs. Thomas L., (Hannah Schermerhorn), 115.
Harding, Marguerite E., (Mrs. Rev. William O. White), 111.
Harding, Ophelia, (Mrs. Judge Krum), 111.
Harris, Mrs. Frederick H., (Martha A. Bliss), 109.
Hatch, Miss Jane H., 110.
Hatch, Nancy B., (Mrs. Kent), 112.
Hedden, Mrs. Josiah, (Lucy Ashmun), 118.
Hooper, Mrs., (Addie Ripley), 118.
Howard, Miss Catharine L., 117.
Howard, Eliza W., (Baroness de Stoeckl), 107.
Howard, Elizabeth, (Mrs. Osmond Tiffany), 115.
Howard, Miss Fanny A., 107.
Howard, Hannah W., (Mrs. William H. Swift), 106.
Howard, Miss Lucinda O., 103.
Howard, Marguerite, (Mrs. Charles W. Swift), 107.
Howard, Miss Sophia W., 117.
Hurd, Mrs. Charles H., (Julia Edwards), 117.
Ironsides, Mrs., (Mary Swift), 106.
Johnson, Mrs. James H., (Sophia Orne Edwards), 109.
Jones, Henrietta, (Mrs. Lemuel Davis), 109.
Kent, Mrs., (Nancy B. Hatch), 112.
Kingsbury, Elizabeth, (Mrs. William W. Lee), 105.
Krum, Mrs. Judge, (Ophelia Harding), 111.
Lathrop, Catherine, (Mrs. Oliver E. Wood), 106.
Lathrop, Elizabeth, (Mrs. George B. Morris), 105.
Lee, Mrs. William W., (Elizabeth Kingsbury), 105.
Loring, Miss Lucy, 110.
Loring, Miss Maria, 110.
Lyman, Miss Hannah, 112.
Marston, Miss Mary, 109.
Moore, Mary C., (Mrs. Asa W. Sanderson), 112.
Moorfield, Miss Mary, 112.
Morris, Mrs. George B., (Elizabeth Lathrop), 105.
Morris, Mrs. Judge Henry, (Mary Warriner), 111.
Morton, Mrs. James H., (Catherine Dwight), 115.

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