History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

    CATHARINE B. LATHROP, New York City, now Mrs. Oliver E. Wood.

    MARY SWIFT, now Mrs. Ironsides, New London, Conn. Her husband was a merchant in New York city.

    MARY D. FLINT, now Mrs. Daniel G. Bacon, New York City.

    ELIZABETH H. FLINT. — Married Dr. Arthur W. Shiverick, New York city. She died at Washington, D. C., April 1889, at the age of 65.

    SOPHIA STEBBINS, Springfield, Mass. — She died Dec. 26, 1841, aged 19.

    EMILY S. BLISS, Springfield, Mass. — Died June 13, 1880, aged 57.

    ELIZABETH STERNS. — Died in Boston, Mass.

    LUCY BREWER. — Married a Mr. Stockbridge of Hartford, Conn.

    HANNAH W. HOWARD. — Married Capt. William H. Swift, New York. Capt. Swift was a cadet at West Point in 18l3, and second-lieutenant First Regiment of Artillery in 1821; first lieutenant in 1824. Was appointed an assistant topographical engineer in 1832 with the rank of captain, and in 1833 an assistant in the coast survey, which position he held for ten years. Upon the organization of the Western Railroad to be built from Worcester to Albany he was appointed resident engineer of the road Jan. 7, 1836. He resigned the office in the winter of 1839-40. He became president of the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad in 1849, residing in Philadelphia. In February, 1851, he returned to Springfield, Mass., and was chosen president of the Western Railroad, now the Boston & Albany, which position he held until 1854, when he resigned. He removed to New York, where he was much interested in railroads as the correspondent and confidential agent of Barings Bros. & Co., London, Eng. He died in New York several years ago.

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