History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

Oaks, Susan, (Mrs. Bullard), 110.
Osgood, Miss Ann, 112.
Osgood, Sarah, (Mrs. Alexander H. Avery), 107.
Peabody, Miss Frances B., 110.
Ripley, Addie, (Mrs. Hooper), 118.
Ripley, Mary, (Mrs. Bartholemew), 118.
Rowland, Sophia, (Mrs. Judge Beach), 118.
Sanderson, Mrs. Asa W., (Mary C. Moore), 112.
Sargeant, Mary, (Mrs. L. E. Day), 115.
Schermerhorn, Hannah, (Mrs. Thomas L. Greene), 115.
Schermerhorn, Mary, (Mrs. Samuel Bowles), 115.
Shipley, Miss Elizabeth, 112.
Shiverick, Mrs. Dr. Arthur W., (Elizabeth H. Flint), 106.
Shurtleff, Mrs. William S., (Clara Dwight), 117.
Simmons, Mrs., (Martha Glover), 111.
Skinner, Mrs. Rev. Thomas H., (Frances D. Day), 115.
Smith, Mrs. Dr. David P. (Eunice Brewer), 105
Smith, Mrs. William L., (Caroline L. Edwards, 108.
Stebbins, Miss Sophia, 106.
Sterns, Miss Elizabeth, 106.
Sterns, Mary, (Countess Marie Catucci), 115.
Stockbridge, Mrs., (Lucy Brewer), 106.
Stocking, Mrs. Alexander. (Ann Foster), 105.
Stoeckl, Baroness de., (Eliza W. Howard), 107.
Strickland, Mrs. J. W. A., (Martha Allen), 115.
Swift, Mrs. Charles W., (Marguerite Howard), 107.
Swift, Mary, (Mrs. Ironsides), 106.
Swift, Mrs. William H., (Hannah W. Howard), 106.
Thompson, Mrs. Wellington, (Caroline L. Frost), 110.
Tiffany, Mrs. Osmond, (Elizabeth Howard), 115.
Tileston, Mrs., (Catherine Cummings), 112.
Tobey, Sophia C., (Mrs. A. S. W. Goodwin), 112.
Trask, Mrs. Dr. Edward, (Caroline Draper), 111.
Walker, Mrs. George. (Sarah Bliss), 103.
Warner, Mrs. Benj. F., (Charlotte Edwards), 115.
Warren, Mrs. Daniel D. (Louisa Weatherhead), 104.
Warriner, Mary, (Mrs. Judge Henry Morris), 111.
Weatherhead, Louisa (Mrs. Daniel D. Warren), 104.
White, Miss Helen, 112.
White, Mrs. William O., (Marguerite E. Harding), 111.
Willard, Miss Charlotte, 105.
Willard, Miss Margaret, 105.
Willard, Miss Sarah B., 105.
Willard, Miss Susan S., 105.
Wolcott, Miss Elizabeth H., 102.
Wolcott, Miss Helen, 102.
Wolcott, Miss Martha, 102.
Wood, Mrs. Oliver E., (Catherine B. Lathrop), 106.

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