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History of the "Old High School"

on School Street
From 1828 to 1840.


History of the Seminary

On Maple Street,
Established in 1832

Charles Wells Chapin
Transcriber's Note

This is a 129 page book reproduced here in its entirety. The first 96 pages comprise the History of the "Old High School," the remainder is the History of the Seminary. In some cases, there have been some minor modifications to the original indexes to enhance ease of use. The book does not contain a table of contents nor a comprehensive index, it has been reproduced here as it was organized for original publication.

Please use this page as a reference tool to navigate this resource. Note that the name and photo indexes are linked to respective pages containing biographical sketches and portraits.

The biographical sketches of the women students from the Seminary are scant, with major focus upon their husbands for reasons the author cites. For the purposes of simplifying access, the index to female scholars has been modified to include both married and maiden surnames.

In lieu of using the links below, you may also begin browsing through this book, page by page, from the beginning. Pages with portraits remain unnumbered, as in the original.

Part One: History of the "Old High School"

Part Two: History of the Seminary

Title Page (Imprint)   |   Seminary Image
Statistical Compilations: Occupations & Residences of the Scholars
Name Index: Members of the Seminary: Ladies (Index to Biographical Sketches)
Name Index: Members of the Seminary: Gentlemen (Index to Biographical Sketches)
Beginning of Student Biographies (unordered)
Portraits: Eaton, George   |   Gunn Elisha   |   Kinsley, Edward W.

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