History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

1880, at the age of 61 years. He was greatly beloved by all who knew him, and was especially esteemed in railroad circles, being conspicuous for his practical good sense and calm judgment, which rendered him a safe adviser in matters requiring equitable adjustment.

    CAROLINE L. EDWARDS, now Mrs. William L. Smith, Springfield, Mass. — Hon. William L. Smith was a prominent lawyer. He compiled a work on probate law, issued in 1863 with revised editions down to 1884. He was a member of the common council in 1858, 1866, and 1867, the latter year its president; a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1862; U. S. commissioner during the late civil war; mayor of Springfield in 1870-71; state senator in 1872. He was chairman of the committee of fifty having in charge the City's 250th anniversary in May, 1886. He died May 19, 1887, in the 63d year of his age.

    MARY C. BLISS, now Mrs. Edmund D. Chapin, Springfield, Mass. — Mr. Chapin, in 1828, entered as clerk the store of Dr. Elisha Edwards, who was the most prominent merchant in this vicinity engaged in the grocery and drug business. After seven years' service he went into the old Springfield Bank, then located on State street, where he remained until 1840. At that time James Byers was president and John Howard cashier. He afterwards engaged in business (1842) at the old stand of Dr. Edwards on Main street, in connection with the late Theodore Bliss, and Benjamin K. Bliss now of East Bridgewater, Mass., under the firm of Bliss, Chapin & Co. At the death of the senior partner in 1845, Mr. B. K. Bliss withdrew from the firm and the late William Gunn became a partner with Mr. Chapin, the firm being Chapin & Gunn. In 1848 Mr. Chapin retired from the business. In that year he accepted the cashiership of the Lee Bank at Lee, Mass., where he remained two years. In 1850 he accepted the position of cashier of the John Hancock Bank, then organized and

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