History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

Mr. Eaton continued his school at his residence until about the year 1846. Among his pupils at this time from the prominent families of the town were: —

    MARY SCHERMERHORN, now Mrs. Samuel Bowles, Springfield, Mass

    MARY STERNS, now Countess Marie Catucci, Rome, Italy.

    CHARLOTTE EDWARDS, now Mrs. B. F. Warner, Springfield, Mass.

    MARY BRYANT, South Deerfield, Mass.

    ANNA B. DWIGHT, now Mrs. Baker, New York City.

    MARTHA ALLEN. — Married J. W. A. Strickland, a merchant.

    SARAH ALLEN, New York City.

    FRANCES D. DAY. — Married Rev. Thomas H. Skinner, Cincinnati, Ohio. She died May 2, 1879, in the 58th year of her age.

    HANNAH SCHERMERHORN. — Married Thomas L. Greene, Albany, N. Y. He was agent for the Boston & Albany Railroad at East Albany.

    ELIZABETH HOWARD, now Mrs. Osmond Tiffany.

    CATHARINE DWIGHT. — Married George Bliss, New York city.

    ELIZABETH W. ASHMUN, now Mrs. James H. Morton, Springfield, Mass. — Judge Morton was a lawyer. He was educated at Brown University and Harvard College. On the incorporation of the town of Springfield as a city in 1852, he was appointed judge of the police court, which position he held until his death, May 9, 1876, at the age Of 52 years.

    RUTH H. BANGS. — Died Dec. 19, 1849, aged 20 years.

    MARY A. SARGEANT, now Mrs. L. E. Day, Boston, Mass.

    EVERETT PEABODY. — Graduated at Harvard College in 1849. He completed the biography of his Uncle Oliver, and edited the "literary remains" of his father, in 1850.

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