History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

Members of the Seminary.


(Indexed with both married and maiden surnames)

Alexander, Mr. Henry, (Amelia P. Bowles), 104.
Allen, Miss Lucy Maria, 111.
Allen, Martha, (Mrs. J. W. A. Strickland), 115.
Allen, Miss Sarah, 115.
Ames, Miss Elizabeth, 117.
Ames, Miss Mary, 117.
Ames, Rebecca, (Mrs. Solomon J. Gordon), 110.
Angell, Mrs. W. B., (Helen Bardwell), 110.
Ashmun, Elizabeth E., (Mrs. James H. Morton), 115.
Ashmun, Lucy, (Mrs. Josiah Hedden), 118.
Austin, Mrs. S. H., (Louisa Eaton), 110.
Avery, Mrs. Alexander H., (Sarah Osgood), 107.
Bacon, Mrs. Daniel G., (Mary D. Flint), 106.
Baker, Mrs., (Anna B. Dwight), 115.
Baker, Miss C. Alice, 118.
Bangs, Miss Elizabeth, 104.
Bangs, Miss Fanny, 112.
Bangs, Miss Mary, 104.
Bangs, Miss Ruth H., 115.
Bangs, Miss Sarah, 104.
Bardwell, Helen, (Mrs. W. B. Angell), 110.
Bartholemew, Mrs., (Mary Ripley), 118.
Beach, Mrs. Judge, (Sophia Rowland), 118.
Bishop, Miss Fanny, 112.
Bishop, Miss Sarah, 112.
Bliss, Miss Emily S., 106.
Bliss, Mrs. George, (Catherine Dwight), 115.
Bliss, Martha A., (Mrs. Frederick H. Harris), 109.
Bliss, Mary C., (Mrs. Edmund D. Chapin), 108.
Bliss, Sarah (Mrs. George Walker), 103.
Bowles, Amelia P., (Mrs. Henry Alexander), 104.
Bowles, Julia (Mrs. Adonijah Foot), 104.
Bowles, Mrs. Samuel, (Mary Schermerhorn), 115.
Brewer, Eunice (Mrs. Dr. David P. Smith), 105.
Brewer, Lucy, (Mrs. Stockbridge), 106.
Brinsmade, Mrs. William B., (Charlotte B. Chapin), 107.
Bryant, Miss Hannah M., 112.
Bryant, Miss Mary, 115.
Bullard, Mrs., (Susan Oaks), 110.
Caitlin, Charlotte A., 117.
Carew, Hannah T., (Mrs. Chauncey L. Covell), 110.
Catucci, Countess Marie, (Mary Sterns), 115.
Chapin, Charlotte B., (Mrs. William B. Brinsmade), 107.
Chapin, Mrs. Edmund D., (Mary C. Bliss), 108.
Chapin, Mrs. Walter E., (Julia Foster), 111.
Childe, Miss Lelia, 117.
Childs, Mrs., (Mary Edwards), 117.
Clary, Miss Ellen, 111.
Covell, Mrs. C. L., (Hannah T. Carew), 110.
Crosby, Miss Maria Louisa, 105.
Cummings, Catherine, (Mrs. Tileston), 112.
Cummings, Miss Maria, 110.
Davis, Mrs. Lemuel, (Henrietta Jones), 109.
Day, Miss Elizabeth D., 111.
Day, Frances D., (Mrs. Rev. Thomas H. Skinner), 115.
Day, Mrs. L. E., (Mary A. Sargeant), 115.
Day, Miss Mary S., 111.
Draper, Caroline, (Mrs. Dr. Edward Trask), 111.
Dwight, Anna B., (Mrs. Baker), 115.
Dwight, Catherine, (Mrs. George Bliss), 115.
Dwight, Clara, (Mrs. Judge Wm. S. Shurtleff), 117.

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