History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

    REBECCA AMES, now Mrs. Solomon J. Gordon, Springfield, Mass. — Mr. Gordon graduated at Harvard College in 1847. He is now an eminent lawyer in New York city.

    CAROLINE L. FROST. — Married Wellington Thompson. Residence, Cambridge, Mass. She died at Somerville, Mass., Dec. 1, 1865, aged 36 years.

    HELEN BARDWELL, now Mrs. W. B. Angell, Boston, Mass.

    REBECCA EATON, Wellesley Hills, Mass.

    LOUISA EATON, now Mrs. S. H. Austin, Wellesley Hills, Mass.

    LUCY LORING, resided in Philadelphia, Penn.


    SUSAN OAKS, Coldwater, Mich. — Married a Mr. Bullard.

    JANE H. HATCH. — Went South. She died at Apalachicola, Fla., Aug. 29, 1851 [penned in is 1871], in the 51st year of her age.

    FRANCES B. PEABODY, Springfield, Mass. — Died Jan. 29, 1844, at the age of 18.

    MARIA CUMMINGS. — Famous as the authoress of "The Lamplighter." The book was published in Boston in 1869.

    HANNAH A. EATON, Wellesley Hills, Mass.

    JOHANNA EATON. — Died many years ago.

    HANNAH T. CAREW. — Married Chauncey L. Covell, Springfield, Mass. She died Aug. 15, 1862, aged 42. Mr. Covell was a merchant and a prominent manufacturer. He was president and director of the Chester Paper Company at Huntington, Mass., from its organization in 1877; also held the same positions in the Massasoit Paper Company, Holyoke, Mass. He was a member of the common council of Springfield in 1856-57; an alderman in 1859. He was a director of the Third National Bank from 1877 until his decease, and a director in the Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company. He died Nov. 22, 1887, in the 77th year of his age.

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