Westfield's Quarter Millennial Anniversary
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The Woronoco House
Forword by John H. Lockwood & Edgar Holmes Plummer
An Authentic History of Westfield, Massachusetts by Louis M. Dewey
Chronology of Westfield by Louis M. Dewey
Historical Map of Westfield
Major General William Shepard
Honorable Frederick H. Gillett
The Fowler Tavern Door
Westfield — "The Pure Food Town"
Town Officers, 1919
Our Police Department
Our Fire Department
Westfield High School, Past and Present
Westfield Schools — (Images) Green District, Ashley Street, Abner Gibbs
Westfield Schools — (Images) Normal Training, State Normal, Fort Meadow
Westfield Churches — (Images) First Baptist, Evangelical Lutheran, Second Congregational
Westfield Churches — (Images) Methodist, Advent, First Congregational, Church of the Atonement
Westfield Churches ÿ (Images) St. Casimir R. C., St. Mary's Church, Holy Trinity Polish Church, St. Peter's R. C., Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrement
The Westfield Atheneum
Soldiers' Monument
The Sarah Gillett Home for Aged People
Images — Site of Parks Block, Parks Block in Gala Attire, Franklin Street
Masonic Temple
North Side, Westfield
Images — Town of Westfield Street Railway System
Interesting Pictures of Old Westfield, About 1840
Images — Old School Street, The Bookstore, Old Bridge and Viaduct
The Great Flood of 1878
Image — Ice Fountain, Winter of 1879
Images — The Ives Block, Great River Mills
Images — An Old Whip Shop, The Westfield House, The Old Cowles Bridge
Westfield Cadets
The "Rough and Ready"
Image — Laying the Cornerstone of the Methodist Church
Images — Father Matthews Hall, Hampton Ponds, When Roosevelt Visited Westfield
Images — Old Landmarks of the Past
Hampton Plains, 1905
Our Principal Streets as the Appeared Many Years Ago
200th Anniversary (1869)
Official Program & Committees
Program — Sunday, August 31, 1919
Program — Monday, September 1, 1919
Synopsis of Pageant
Program — Tuesday, September 2, 1919
Program — Wednesday, September 3, 1919
Committees: General, Reception, Arrangements
The 250th Anniversary Ode
Publishers of the Official Souvenir Program

COMING SOON: Industrial Westfield:  Past and Present — Links to many advertisers in this publication as well as featured manufacturers and merchants (including Columbia Bicycle, Crane's Paper, U. S. Whip Company and textiles.

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