History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

Warriner, William D., 77
Wells, David A., 43
Wells, Dexter W., 45
Wells, James, 51, 96
White, Moses Hazen, 39
Wilcox, William L., 70, Portrait
Wood, Corbin O., 78
Wood, Loren, 77
Wood, Reuben, 74


Bannon, Oliver B., opposite 66
Blake, Marshall B., opposite 36
Bliss, B. K., opposite 46
Brewer, James D., opposite 40
Calhoun, Simeon H., opposite 12
Chapin, Abijah W., opposite 52
Chapin, Charles O., opposite 42
Chapin Charles W., Frontispiece.
Childs, A. K., opposite 78
Childs, Rev. Thos. S., opposite 62
Emery, Capt. Chas., opposite 32
Goodman, James, opposite 60
Hall, Rev. Linville J., opposite 58
Hebard, Story, opposite 10
Kirkham, A. H., opposite 68
Kirkham, James, opposite 54
Kirkham, Gen. R. W., opposite 44
Lee, Gen. H. C., opposite 50
Morley, Sardis B., opposite 14
Moseley, Seth H., opposite 48
Pynchon, Dr. Joseph C., opposite 30
Ring, E. J., opposite 72
Russell, James E, opposite 64
Shepard, James T., opposite 76
Stebbins, John B., opposite 38
Sykes, James N., opposite 18
Sykes, M. L., opposite 56
Tobey, Geo., opposite 74
Vaille, Henry R., opposite 16
Wilcox, W. L., opposite 70

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