History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

        GEORGE LYMAN. — Died or was lost at sea many years ago.

        SAMUEL LYMAN. — Went west, was in the employ of a railroad company.

        ORRIN L. TAYLOR. — Died at Fairmount, Grant Parish, La., Feb. 14, iS8i, in his 57th year.

        THOMAS W. BLISS, Charleston, S. C. — Merchant.

        HAMBLIN BLAKE, New York City. — Broker.

        THOMAS BOND, New York City.

        J. BRYANT HATCH, West Medford, Mass. -- A merchant.

        JOHN RANNEY, St. Catharine's, Canada. — A merchant.

        LOREN WOOD. — Was of the class Of 1840, Wesleyan University. A lawyer. Practiced for several years in New Haven, Conn., from 1845-50, and 1861-66 in New York city, where he died about the year 1866.

        FRANKLIN ROBERTS. — Went to St. Louis, Mo.

        CHARLES THAVER, Springfield, Mass. — Died Nov. 8, 1843, aged 21.

        WILLIAM HEATH. — Died in Russell, Mass.

        ALFRED HEATH. — Died in Russell, Mass.

        EMERSON HEATH. — Died in Russell, Mass.

        WILLIAM SEARLE. — Went west.

        SILAS SEARLE. — Went to Washington, D. C.


        DANIEL SIZER. — Went to California in 1849.

        SAMUEL SIZER. — Went to California in 1849.


        JAMES SIKES. — Went to California in 1849.



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