History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

        CHARLES W. RICE, Springfield, Mass. — Was a builder and dealer in real estate. Firm of Rice & Clark, 1864-68,and Rice & Fuller, 1869-74. Was also in the insurance business in 1860. He died Nov. 27, 1881, aged 63.

        WILLIAM PYNCHON, Springfield, Mass. — A successful farmer, member of the common council in 1853-58 from Ward One, alderman in 1866.

        LUTHER GRANT, Dansville, N. Y. -- Was cashier of a bank.

        JOSEPH B. RUSSELL, Clinton, N. Y. -- A clergyman.

        REUBEN WOOD, Terre Haute, Ind.

        BENJAMIN A. RUSSELL, Hartford, Conn. — Physician.

        DANIEL POMEROY. — Went to Michigan, where he died more than forty years ago.

        CHARLES COLLIER. — Was a master mason.

        HENRY B. RICE, Springfield, Mass. — A carpenter.

        MONROE BATES, Westfield, Mass. — Was employed by Boston & Albany Railroad Co.

        GEORGE TOBEY. — Born in Springfield, Mass., Nov. 17, 1820. Son of Elisha Tobey, who settled in Springfield about the year 1800, and grandson of Capt. Prince Tobey of New Bedford, Mass. He was a pupil under the teachings of the late Simeon H. Calhoun and S. B. Morley. In 1836 he commenced an apprenticeship in the newspaper office of the Hampden Whig, afterwards the Post, then under the management of the late E. D. Beach, Esq. During the "Tippecanoe and Tyler too" campaign of 1840, he was in the service of the Springfield Gazette, the late William Stowe being the editor and publisher. In 1843 he entered the service of the Government at the U. S. Armory, under the late Major James W. Ripley, remaining about twenty-six years. The desire for an outdoor life induced him in 1877 to engage in farming, when he removed to Blandford, Mass., where he now resides.

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