History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

        CHARLES S. HALL, Springfield, Mass. — Master mason,

        HENRY S. CHAPIN, New York City.

        CHARLES CHAPIN, Auburn, N. Y. — Was a carriage maker.

        EDWARD TRASK, San Francisco, Cal. — He was surgeon on one of the Pacific mail steamers.

        WILLIAM H. HARDING, Wichita, Kansas. — A railroad manager.

        WALTER BUCKLAND. — Went to California.

        DAVID RICE. — Went to Galveston, Texas.

        BENJAMIN BANGS, Fenton, Mich.

        GEORGE LLOYD, Boston, Mass. — Printer.

        CORBIN 0. WOOD, Worcester, Mass. — Mechanic.

        WILLIAM HUBBARD, Springfield, Mass. — Was conductor on Boston & Albany Railroad. He died June 9, 1865, aged 47.

        MORGAN APPLETON, Springfield, Mass. — In 1846 was in the employ of Homer Foot & Co. He died April 5, 1850, aged 34.

        FRANKLIN RICHMOND, Springfield, Mass. — Firm of F. & J. M. Richmond, livery business. He died July 3, 1882, aged 62.

        ASAPH K. CHILDS. — Went to Milledgeville, Ga., in September, 1836, and was twelve days in making the journey, which can be made now in thirty-three hours. Was clerk in his brother's store until 1842. In 1846 he removed to Athens, Ga. During the war of the Rebellion he suffered much in the loss of property. In 1876 he was elected president of the North-Eastern Railroad of Georgia. Resigning his position in 1881, he was elected president of the National Bank of Athens, which office he now holds.

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