History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

    DANIEL A. DWIGHT, Boston, Mass.

    WILLIAM EDWARDS, Cleveland, O. Merchant.

    OLIVER EDWARDS, Warsaw, Ill.

    EDWARD HARDING. — A civil engineer.

    WILLIAM ORNE, Springfield, Mass. — He died Aug. 8, 1862.

    JAMES A. WHISTLER. — A famous artist, residing in France.

Vive, vale.

    Mr. Eaton excelled in mathematics. The unusual number of boys (eleven) that have given evidence of this thorough training in that science, and have become eminent civil engineers, is somewhat remarkable.
    This following list gives occupations of some of those under the several teachers at the Seminary and at Mr. Eaton's residence.

Merchants, 3
Lawyers, 6
Clergymen, 3
Journalists, 2
Bankers, 2
Farmers, 2
Railroad president, 1
Railroad commissioner, 1
Physician, 1
Political economist, 1
Architect, 1
The naval service, 1
Sea captain, 1
Manufacturer, 1
Artist, 1
Printer, 1

    Seven were officers in the Union army, during the war of the Rebellion: Everett Peabody; the three Dwight brothers, William, Wilder, and Howard; Chester Harding; James Dwight Orne; Edward Foot; — all worthy descendants of a noble lineage.
    Three served in the Confederate States army during the war of the Rebellion.

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