Triennial 1839 - 1907
State Normal School
Westfield, Massachusetts

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Title Page
Faculty of Normal School, March 1, 1907
Historical Sketch, by Principal Clarence A. Brodeur
The State Normal School at Westfield, by Adeline A. Knight
Samuel Phillips Newman.
Emerson Davis.
David S. Rowe.
William Harvey Wells.
John Woodbridge Dickinson.
Joseph Gould Scott.
James Carruthers Greenough.
Charles Sumner Chapin.
Clarence Arthur Brodeur
Appendix I: Some Significant Dates in the History of the Westfield Normal School.
Appendix II: Members of the State Board of Education who have Served as Visitors of the Westfield Normal School.
Appendix III: Principals & Teachers in the Normal School.
Appendix IV: Teachers in the Normal Training School.
Appendix V: Membership, Admissions & Graduates, 1839 - 1907.
Appendix VI: Triennial Gatherings, 1847 - 1907.
Hon. George B. Cortelyou.
Normal School Building, 1846.
Normal School Building, 1860.
Normal School Building, 1869.
Normal School Building, 1892.
Principal's Office.
Assembly Hall.
Scientific Lecture Room.
Biology Recitation Room.
Room for Manual Training.
State Normal Training School.
Normal Boarding Hall, 1874.
Faculty of Normal Training School, March 1, 1907.
Dickinson Hall, 1903.

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