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Technical High School, Springfield MA

Around School

Around School

       Even the scurrying mice stopped in the midst of their work to watch the tragedy about to be enacted. The stag at the brook drinking his fill and the tiger poised tensely above. The picture explains the rest. Our ambitious Student Council suggests the clever idea of having booths, lockable from the inside only, erected around each drinking fountain. This the Council assures us would insure domestic tranquility.

       The pride of '30 ½. These two boys have carried the colors of their class to the top of the list in both scholarship and athletics. Henry Frisbie, on the left, is reputed to be the champion Spanish type of athlete in school. Whatever that means. However, one must give the boy credit for he certainly delivered the goods. Some say this was from force of habit as he used to deliver groceries for an Atlantic and Pacific chain store. Tullio Francesconi, our other notable, as president of the Student Council put through a law whereby athletes who were in love could bestow their letters to their beloved. He probably had a good reason.

       Trying to pull off an old gag. Well, it won't work, for Tech has an efficient squad of corridor guardians trained by Mr. Cook. The lad in the shop coat is just one of the many who while wandering around in the corridors are sharply hailed by the guardians of the peace. When asked to produce a pass they produce one quickly enough, but unfortunately the corridor keepers usually notice that the pass is a week old or unsigned. Then follows the alibi.

       This picture shows the Tech and Greenfield teams in action. Tech has the ball and is trying to bring it down the field. That they didn't succeed can be seen from the score 6-0 in favor of Greenfield. For no reason at all, except that spring's coming, I'd like to kick that fellow who is bending over.

       Loyal Tech rooters all of them. A section of the Tech grandstand at the Tech — Greenfield football game at Greenfield. Tech was beaten in the last minute of play by a proverbial hero act when Lobo of Greenfield went over our goal line to win a hard fought game for his team. The Tech band was at the game but could only be heard when the Greenfield band wasn't playing. Our principal and Mr. Spence can be seen in the center looking into the camera. Tech's three cheer leaders are seated in the front row, but by the looks of things Bill Foster is the only one that's doing any shouting. Gerry Coe, as usual, is occupied with a girl. The girl with the megaphone seems to have a lot to say. We hope it's good whatever it is.

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