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Around School

Around School
       So Sorry, Walt, but we just couldn't keep out this picture. Doesn't Jack Brown look happy with Bob Thomas under his arm? As for Marjorie Payne, why she's too cute for words. The above seniors are Walter Kustwan, Marjorie Payne, Barbara Thomas, and Jack Brown. You know Barbara's a nice girl. Oh, so nice and different. Notice the hat, quite different from the others; but that's to be expected from Bobby. I hear she ransacked all the stores in Springfield and Ludlow just to get a hat that would make all the other girls green with envy. Jack is the fellow who is called upon when someone is needed to pound the piano.

        A mistake. A Pepsodent tooth paste ad gone astray. No, these certainly aren't Amos and Andy. Ah, a clue. They wear white flannels, sailor hats, and brilliant orange and black ties. Seniors at the end of class day. The guy with the sailor hat is Mike Tobin, the only fellow ever knocked out while cranking Baldy Falt's Buick. The youngster in the center is Frank McCarty, owner of that famous Dodge which way back in the gay nineties was trundled around by Henry Lackett. The last one in the picture is none other than our esteemed friend, Mr. Mosedale.

       Let's go! All set for the south seas. Several seniors trying to show us the correct attire for yachting? Gosh! no! This is a sad affair. It's the class will committee. of '29 ½. Look them over, undergraduates; this is the group that spent several strenuous months trying to decide what to leave to the school and then finally decided they had nothing to leave. Reading from left to right they are Frank McCarty, Elva Ackerman, Mike Tobin, and Stanley Sprague. Frank McCarty seems to be trying to out shiek the college boys. Frank goes them one better; not Only does he go around minus a hat but he never seems to comb his hair. Elva is the girl who one day found a can of razzberries in her desk.

       Laugh, love, and live was the high pressure motto of these three. Swaine, gasping for breath, reminds one of a fish out of its natural element. That's it. Bob is separated from Walter Sullivan. Gerry Coe the next in line was a fast man in more ways than one. On the track he could scratch cinders quicker than anyone in Tech, and on the gym floor he made those Spanish dames look like two cents when he did the tango. Walt Sullivan almost took the prize as class woman hater. He was seen to walk the length of a corridor without a woman hanging to his coat tails.

       Each day from September, 1929, to January, 1930, an illustrious group of seniors gathered in room 23 to discuss the spiciest gossip of the day. Ted Kresser was head man of the show, but he was ably supported. Ted is one of the leading exponents of the theory that there is such a thing as the sub-conscious mind. As he says— it was the sub-conscious mind which drove him on to reach the high scholastic honors which he attained. Fred Barrett was seen in several Tech plays as a butler. His talent was acquired in the kitchen under the careful tutelage of his mother. In this group are some of the most serious-minded seniors of the class of '29 ½.

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