Tech Tiger

Technical High School, Springfield MA

Science Club

Science Club

Tech's Science Club is comprised of students whose average in chemistry and physics is "B" or over. The purpose of this club is to promote an interest in scientific achievement, and to study and analyze modern inventions.


First Semester

President, Mitchell Kania
Vice-President, Harold Mosedale
Secretary, Franklin Burr
Treasurer, James Kelley
Member-at-Large, Joseph Sevila
Publicity Manager, Woldfred Nichols
Second Semester

President, James Kelley
Vice-President, Henry Frisbie
Secretary, Oscar Anderson
Treasurer, Edmund Dawes
Member-at-Large, John Hanley
Faculty Adviser, Mr. Maynard


L. Austin
S. Bebler
J. Belcher
E. Belcher
J. Bishop
E. Bjorklund
M. Bozbeckian
E. Bozenhard
J. Buckley
G. Butler
V. Cassanelli
E. Dawes
A. Di Pietro
F. Durocher
R. Fenner
E. Foster
H. Gurley
W. Hammond
L. Johnson
D. Kerr
C. Leech
S. Lezinski
A. Metcalf
E. Patterson
B. Raymond
W. Reid
L. Reilly
B. Walsh
J. Wheeler
M. Wright

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