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Technical High School, Springfield MA

Torch Club

Torch Club

Tech's Torch Club, or Junior Hi-Y, is one of the Torch Clubs of the Springfield High Schools. Meetings are held at the Y.M.C.A. Here questions of honesty, school-spirit, and world brotherhood are brought up and discusses. The purpose of the club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the schools and community high standards of living.


First Semester

President, Newton Sherley
Vice-President, Jack Piggot
Secretary, Warren Sherley
Treasurer, Warren Sherley
Second Semester

President, Clinton Leech
Vice-President, Richard Remy
Secretary, George MeCleary
Treasurer, George MeCleary

Faculty Adviser, Mr. Brown

Philip Babb
Meigs Bartmess
Ralph Ewig
Herbert Fenner
Raymond Fenner
Harold Forbush
John Fuller
Roger Geckler
Jack Green
Warner Hall
William Kaynor
Jack Kelley
James Kimball
James Knigh
Eric Lackstron
Alfred LaPointe
William Larson
Clinton Leech
Julian Lloyd
George McCleary
Robert McCullough
Edwin Nelmes
Eugene Pederzoli
Jack Piggott
Richard Remy
James Ross
Donald Sellars
Newton Sherley
Warren Sherley
Austin Smith
Stanley Smith
Joseph Wesson
Clifford Whitney

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