Tech Tiger

Technical High School, Springfield MA

Sign Club

Sign Club

Tech's Sign Club, organized in 1929, has done much to make the school's bulletin boards more attractive. Membership in this club is obtained by passing a drawing test. The purpose of this club is to foster the art of sign and poster making and to provide such signs and posters for the various school activities.


President, Eugene Sherbourne
Vice-President, Emma Morton
Secretary-Treasurer, Manuel Bozbeckian
Ser. at Arms, William Simpson
Faculty Adviser, Mr. Kibbe


Robert Baker
Louise Bartram
Louis Becker
Angelo Bisi
Lea Baraldi
Manuel Bozbeckian
Ernestine Browning
Lawrence Brulin
Beulah Burgess
Stanley Cameron
Lucille Carlisle
Bruce Campbell
Frank Carmody
John Chalian
Marjorie Chase
Sarah Clement
Theodore Connor
Kenneth Cornwall
Muriel Comins
Carl Danton
Richard Farrell
Thomas Fournier
Ethel Graichen
Marion Granger
Burt Goodman
James Hefferman
Dorothy Lavalle
Dale Louis
Betty Macomber
Frank Mancuso
Olga Melberg
Richard Misterly
Lucille Moran
Emma Morton
Frank Murray
Ronald Newsome
Dale Outhouse
Ralph Pooler
Edward Pomeroy
Lawrence Powers
Orville Prior
Tryon Rood
Alec Shapiro
Eugene Sherbourne
William Simpson
Philip Sturgeon
John Szczgiel
Bernard Walsh
Anna Yarnell

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