Tech Tiger

Technical High School, Springfield MA



Tech Hi-Y is a member of the Affiliated Hi-Y of Springfield. It holds meetings every Thursday evening at the Y.M.C.A. with the three other high schools of the city. Each club has a separate table and following the supper there is a short meeting in which the business is taken care of. After this, the meeting breaks up into its respective groups for the discussion of problems of school and everyday life. The Hi-Y is a world-wide movement of high school students who have pledged themselves to clean sports, clean speech, clean scholarship, and clean living.


President, Carroll McQueen
Vice-President, Jean Ostiguy
Secretary-Treasurer, Draper Jerome
Affiliated Board Member, Rayford Pomeroy
Faculty Adviser, Mr. Howard Reed


Nelson Andrews
Richard Allen
Gerhard Ansel
Neil Avery
Frederick Barrett
Robert Bigelow
Richard Blair
High Bohner
Robert Brigham
Lawrence Brulin
Joseph Buckley
Lorin Burt
William Chapman
Edward Chase
Gerald Coe
George Colton
Harry Davies
William Doane
Robert Ewig
Richard Goodwin
Harry Hamilton
Frank Havens
Irving Jahnig
Draper Jerome
Mitchell Kania
James Knight
Joseph Kochanek
William Lewis
Alfred Langlois
James Lloyd
Kenneth Malstron
Frank McCarthy
Carroll McQueen
Charles Moran
Joseph Morin
Harold Mosedale
Robert McCullough
Jean Ostiguy
Lorin Pease
Robert Pease
Edward Pomeroy
Rayford Pomeroy
James Poole
Charles Puffer
Kenneth Rainey
Jesse Richardson
Roger Roberts
Harry Samble
Lawrence Schenck
Brewster Sedgwick
George Shea
Newton Sherley
Warren Sherley
Lawrence Spaulding
Lovell Smith
Alvin Soloman
Theodore Steele
Ralph Streeter
Walter Sullivan
Robert Swaine
Forrest Tilton
David Turnbull
John Westfall
Goerge Wingard
Stanley Wheeler

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