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The Comitia is another one of Tech's debating clubs. No restrictions are held for membership. Any student having a hard time with English, can join this club and improve in this subject. This club meets every first and third Wednesday of the month. Its purpose is to study the principles of debating, after-dinner speeches, and parliamentary law.

First Semester

President, Thomas Clancy
Vice-President, Lucian Dennis
Secretary-Treasurer, Robert Meyer
Second Semester

President, Thomas Clancy
Vice-President, Irving Jahnig
Secretary-Treasurer, Paul Smith

Faculty Adviser, Mr. Jones


Philip Ackerman
Edmund Buchard
William Budington
Frank Carmody
William Cronin
Lucian Dennis
Louis Duquette
James Geer
Harry Goodwin
James Jardine
Alfred LaPointe
Robert Meyer
Philip Myers
Rogers Nash
James Nesworthy
Russell Parker
Laurent Roberts
Robert Schoren
Richard Waite
Kermit Weiss

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