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Technical High School, Springfield MA

Model Airplane Club

Model Airplane Club

Tech's Airplane Club was organized in 1928 and has, since then, grown rapidly. Although only one year old, it has turned out three champions: Lawrence Brulin, winner of the indoor flying contest; Mathiew Moziak, winner of the outdoor flying contest; and Joseph Sevila, winner of the scale model contest. All three won a trip to Detroit, where they competed with boys of other cities for the National Championship. The purpose of the club is to develop clean sportsmanship, and to acquaint the members with the various parts of an airplane.


President, Robery Meyer
Vice-President, Richard Schneelock
Secretary, Milton Wright
Leader, Donald Scott
Faculty Adviser, Mr. H. Reed


Aram Aghazarian
Arson Aghazarian
Ernest Belcher
Gordon Butler
Walter Bunnell
George Denway
Nicholas George
Ralph Jilson
Horace King
Raymond Lester
Norman Lewis
Robert Meyer
Theodore Mills
John Moriarty
Benjamin Porter
Donald Scott
Clifton Stone
Harold St. Onge
Albert Stroshine
Joseph Wasowicz
Thermon Wood
Milton Wright
Richard Schneelock

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