History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

        GEORGE SMITH, Springfield, Mass. — Carpenter.

        EDWARD C. STEBBINS, Springfield, Mass. — Druggist from 1848 to 1884.

        EDWIN TAYLOR, Springfield, Mass. — Died Jan. 21, 1840, aged 24.

        NOAH P. WALKER, Springfield, Mass. — Died Sept. 4, 1846, aged 28.

        HENRY F. STARKEY, Springfield, Mass. — Clerk. He died Feb. 4, 1845, aged 23.

        GILES PEASE, Springfield, Mass. — A farmer.

        ERASMUS D. PERRY, Hartford, Conn. — Clerk. Died March 1, 1874, aged 6o.

        RODERICK STEBBINS, Friendship, Alleghany county, N. Y.

        RICHARD BURT, Agawam, Mass. — Farmer. Died Oct. 15, 1872, aged 47.

        JACKSON STEBBINS, Dubuque, Iowa. — Died in 1885, aged about 70.

        EDMUND BATES. — Was in North Carolina previous to the Rebellion, and entered the Confederate service as an engineer on a blockade runner.

        LYMAN FERRE, Bloomington, Ill.

        WILLIAM C. RICE. — Went to Texas in 1837.

        JAMES T. SHEPARD. — Was clerk in a jewelry store and for several years was employed at United States Armory. He became interested in watch making and went to Roxbury, Mass., in the employ of the old Boston Watch Company. The business was removed to Waltham, Mass., and is now the American Watch Company; he has been foreman of one of the departments for the last thirty-five years. The daily product of this company is 1600 watches per day, and 2800 men and women are employed.

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