History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

        GEORGE SCHIPPER. — Followed the sea.

        EDMUND ALLEN, Springfield, Mass. — Was a bookkeeper for Almy, Patterson & Co., Boston, Mass., for many years.

        SAMUEL S. ALLEN, Springfield, Mass. — He died May 1847, aged 21.

        WILLIAM S. ALLIS, Springfield, Mass. — Employed at U.S. Armory. A farmer. He died April 25, 1871, aged 57.

        JUSTIN B. BENTON, Springfield, Mass. — In the employ of the city.

        PHILO H. COOK, Springfield, Mass. — He succeeded his father, Dennis Cook, in the tin and stove business on the "Hill." He died Feb. 16, 1866, aged 43.

        GEORGE A. COOLEY, Springfield, Mass. — A successful farmer.

        GEORGE P. CATE, Springfield, Mass. — Was employed by Boston & Albany Railroad Co.

        RODOLPHUS T. ATTLETON, Springfield, Mass. — Died Sept. 8, 1837, aged 21.

        WALTER BATES, Springfield, Mass. — Employed at U. S. water shops.

        ROBERT E. BANNON, Springfield, Mass. — Merchant tailor.

        HASKELL C. GOODMAN, Springfield, Mass. — Joiner, died July, 1845, aged 28.

        ALVIN, A. HUBBARD, Springfield, Mass. — Died Oct. 26, 1839, aged 17.

        JOSEPH MARSH, Springfield, Mass. — Employed by Kibbe Bros. & Co., until 1868. Superintendent of Springfield Cemetery one year. He died Nov. 24, 1869, aged 47.

        J. SPENCER MURPHY, Springfield, Mass. — Employed by T. M. Walker & Co.

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