History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

        ROSWELL LOMBARD, Springfield, Mass. — Clerk with H. & J. Brewer. He was of the firm of Lombard & Cundall, druggists. He went from this city many years ago.

        SAMUEL F. OTIS, Springfield, Mass. — Machinist, employed by Boston & Albany Railroad Co.

        ROSWELL L. CHAPIN. — A graduate at Amherst College in 1842; a teacher at Savannah, Ga. He died June 16,1846, at Springfield, Mass., aged 25.

        JOSEPH BROWN, Springfield, Mass. — Merchant tailor. He died in May, 1848, aged 42.

        JOHN BANGS, Springfield, Mass. — Manufacturer and dealer in flour and grain. He died July 10, 1880, aged 64.

        ALLEN BANGS, Springfield, Mass. — A graduate at Yale College in 1842. A lawyer. He died Nov. 24, 1853, aged 34.

        L. V. H. CROSBY. — Musician. He died suddenly in 1886 while on a railroad train in Georgia.

        GEORGE R. BUNKER. — Followed the sea. A mariner on one of the Glasgow packets until 1849. An officer onboard a ship which sailed from Bath, Maine, for California.

        CHARLES CHILDS, Omaha, Neb. — Was a carriage maker in Springfield, Mass. for many years.

        EDWARD S. OSGOOD, North Cambridge, Mass. — Graduate at Amherst College, class of 1844. Engaged in business San Francisco, Cal., and Jamaica Plain, Mass. Resided in Germany four years.

        SAMUEL P. LEE, Chatham, N. Y. — Station agent, Boston & Albany Railroad. He died in February, 1854, aged 36.

        DAVID K. LEE, Springfield, Mass. — Was clerk for Elisha Edwards, in 1840, also for Bliss, Chapin & Co., grocers and druggists, in 1842. He was a member of the firm of James W. Hale & Co. from 1859 to 1865, afterwards of the firm of Pynchon & Lee, grocers. He died Oct. 2, 1868,aged 45.

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