History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

1853 was in the employ of E. Palmer & Co., at the pioneer coal yard of Springfield. This yard was first opened in i838 by James B. Robb, son of Col. John Robb, formerly superintendent at the U. S. Armory. The late Edmund Palmer succeeded Mr. Robb and continued the business several years, when the late Roderick Ashley became a partner, under the firm name of E. Palmer & Co. Mr. Mills, having succeeded to the business, still continues it at the old yard and has fully sustained the high reputation enjoyed by his predecessors.

        SAMUEL 0. GAY, Springfield, Mass. — Was clerk of the common council in 1853. Firm of Sanderson & Gay, hatters for many years. He removed to New Haven, Conn., engaged in manufacturing, where he died June 18, 1860, aged 42.

        JOHN B. FOOT, Springfield, Mass. — Was one of the first engineers on the Western Railroad, now the Boston & Albany, for twenty-eight years an engineer on that road, and six years on the Boston & Lowell Railroad. In 1877 he retired from the service.

        JAMES H. BUTTERFIFLD. — Was employed by the New London Northern Railroad Company. He died in Yantic village (Norwich), Conn., Nov. 9, 1884, aged 68.

        OLIVER B. BANNON, Springfield, Mass. — Was born in Middletown, Conn., Dec. 18, 1816. Removed to this city when young; went to Hartford, Conn., as apprentice at Daniel Copeland's machine shop, remaining about four years; thence to Brooklyn, N. Y., employed at Burbeck's machine shop; was employed by Boston & Albany Railroad Company as yardmaster at this station about four years. Since August 1, 1837, has been employed at U. S. Armory, except at short intervals. He was one of the selectmen of the town in 1850, an alderman in the first city government in 1852; was elected in 1860 a representative in the Legislature.

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