History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

        JOHN S. BEEBE. — Taught school in South Wilbraham and Monson, Mass., Somers, Conn., and Ithaca, N. Y., about three years. He subsequently went to New Orleans, La., and engaged in the wholesale trade of wood and willow ware and cordage. In the spring of 1861 be came north and settled at his old home, South Wilbraham, Mass., and engaged in farming. His health failing he soon retired from business. He died June 19, 1866, in the 45th year of his age.

        LESTER F. SIKES, West Springfield, Mass. — Was a tinsmith. His sad death was occasioned by being buried in a well in which he was at work, Sept. 23, 1875, at the age Of 59 years.

        EDWIN T. ROGERS, Springfield, Mass. — Was in the livery business about the year 1844. Afterwards with his father, the late "Commodore" Sable Rogers, in a meat market and provision store on the "Hill." He died July 13, 1868, aged 49.

        HENRY W. CHAPMAN, Springfield, Mass. — Owing to ill health he was not in business. He died Nov. 28, 1855, aged 38. He was a brother of Major William W. Chapman, U.S. Army, who died at Fort Monroe, Va.

        BENJAMIN S. RICHARDSON, Springfield, Mass. — Was a printer, and was employed by Lewis Briggs, proprietor of the old Springfield Gazette. He died May 13, 1863, aged 44.

        F. J. PARKER, Springfield, Mass. — In the clothing business 1872-75. Was a flour and grain dealer for many years. In 1889 removed to Kansas City, Mo.

        JOHN KIMBERLY, Springfield, Mass. — Merchant. He succeeded in business his father, Ezra Kimberly, who died in June, 1867. A director in the John Hancock National Bank since 1867.

        ISAAC MILLS, Springfield, Mass. — In 1851 was of the firm, of Dean, Packard & Mills, car manufacturers. In

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