The 1916 Oriole

S.H.S. Crew

S.H.S. Crew

As usual, crew practice this year started in the fall with the opening of the schools. The two regular races took place, the first being the red, white, and blue race, between the 3d, 2d, and 1st crews, respectively, and won by the latter. The second race, the "Tech"-Central, proved interesting, and was won by Central only after a hard struggle.

The spring practice started on the machines at the boathouse, the first part of March. After three weeks of hard work on the machines, the crew went into the water preparing for the first race at New Haven with the Yale Freshmen Seconds.

The championship crew of last year et up a record of no defeats and this year's crew hopes to again claim the Interscholastic Championship of New England for the Springfield high Schools.

The Lineup

Bow, Emory Johnson
2 Joseph Dean
3 Earl Shephard
4 Schuyler Van Sickle
5 Frederick Starrett
6 Godfrey Porter
7 Lawrence Rosenburgh
Stroke, Nelson Marshman
Coxswain, Floyd Collins
Manager, Ralph C. Allen

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