The 1916 Oriole

T.H.S. Girls' Basketball

T.H.S. Girls' Basketball

Through the efforts of Miss Gertrude Baranski, ('16), a beginning was made this year toward inaugurating basketball for girls in the high schools. A few very spirited class games proved to the satisfaction of everyone that the girls want basketball and would support a team. Those who were back of this successful beginning so not intend to let the matter rest here, however, but are planning for such a team in each of the high schools and league basketball has been suggested as a possibility. Several years ago this sport was popular with the girls but for some reason was discontinued. The present agitation dates from 1912, when the first attempt to start a team was made.

The Team

Ruth Ray
Mildred Nevins
Theresa Haley
Marjorie Johnson
Ruth Hart
Rhoda May
Doris Parker
Marian Roach
Gertrude Baranski
Viola Jasper
Ruth Chapin

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