The 1916 Oriole

S.H.S. Track

S.H.S. Track

The 1915 track team had a very successful year, both indoors and on the cinders. From the very first call to the last meet very fellow worked his hardest, both for himself and for the team. The season was started with the usual amount of conditioning, and a team of no mean proportions was soon whipped into condition by "Sox" Sexton.

During the indoor season, there were four meets, and in each of them Springfield's track team made a good showing. The first, an interscholastic meet at the Y.M.C.A. College, was a walk-away for the home team, all but two events falling to their share. This is to be considered quite remarkable, as Springfield was competing against Holyoke, Hartford, Monson, Worcester, and Hopkins Academy. The annual dual meet with Holyoke was a close, hard-fought affair, but the superiority of Springfield finally showed itself. In the other two meets, one, the Hartford Naval Militia affair, and the other, held in the Holyoke Armory, Springfield's track team carried themselves off with honors, although they failed to obtain the highest totals.

The outdoor track season was fully as successful as the indoor season. Springfield held herself up in fine shape in four large meets, one with the Y.M.C.A. College, one the Amherst Interscholastic meet, one the Dartmouth meet, and last, but not least, the Hilliston Seminary meet. In these events, while no exceptionally brilliant records were made, every man showed his ability for team work, a necessity for any successful track team. On the whole, both the indoor and outdoor season was decidedly to the credit of Springfield.

The Team

Sturtevant (Capt.)
Edward L. Battey
G. Taber Bolden
Ernest W. Buckler
Kenneth Munyan
Paul G. Sanderson
Fred A. Stevens
Coach, Harlan A. Sexton

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