The 1916 Oriole

S.H.S. Basketball

S.H.S. Basketball

Springfield received a good bit of knowledge about this great indoor game last winter. With a nucleus of four veterans to start the season, an excellent team was built up. It was especially effective when on the defensive and when it came to the offensive it had one of the best forwards in the league, together with another one who could be relied upon in a pinch.

Springfield high schools did, however, receive a couple of setbacks during the season. Out of seventeen games played, fifteen resulted in victories, while both of the losses were to Westfield. In spite of this, Springfield got second place in the league. To Coach Stone and his charges, no small amount of credit is due for their commendable achievements.

The Team

Raymond Dowd, Right Forward
Joseph Kushner (Capt.), Left Forward
Albert Nickerson, Right Guard
Richard Thomas, Center
Bowen Franklin, Left Guard
Chauncey Allen, Left Guard
Michael Kane, Left Forward

Sumary of the Season's Games
  P W L
Wilbraham 1 1 0
Hartford 2 2 0
Holyoke 2 2 0
Easthampton 1 1 0
Monson 1 1 0
Greenfield 2 2 0
W. Springfield 2 2 0
Northampton 2 2 0
Alumni 1 1 0
Westfield 3 1 2
Springfield 17 15 2

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