The 1916 Oriole

S.H.S. Soccer

S.H.S. Soccer

With seven veterans in the opening line-up, Springfield Soccer Team looked like a championship organization, but owing to injuries, which slowed up the team work, the results of the season were not above par.

The team finished second in the Connecticut Valley Interscholastic League and vanquished Holyoke, which is a feat accomplished only once before in the history of the League. The record of winning six games and losing three is commendable, if not above the usual standard.

The Team

Chauncy Allen
Ralph Belcher (Capt.)
Walter Elliot
Joe Heel
Herman Kinsler
Joe Kushner
Martin Maloney
Chester Merry
Litton Powell
Forrest Read
Ralph Steadman
Milton Weinstein
Sub., Walter Stebbins

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