The 1916 Oriole

S.H.S. Football

S.H.S. Football

The Springfield High School football team of 1915 not only began, but carried out the whole season in a business-like manner. Its admirers had indeed a team to be proud of, with only a single defeat, and that at the hands of a team from Groton School which held the Harvard "Seconds" to seven points. Otherwise, not once was their goal line crossed. The games with Pittsfield High and Holyoke High were scoreless. Concerning the latter, those who witnessed the struggle were well rewarded in observing one of the most exhilarating gridiron battles stages between these two rivals for a long time. To Capt. Tom Kenney the successor of Harold Shepardson, together with Coach Fred Stone, assisted by Coach Elmer Heidt, is due the credit for such a team, the like of which has not been seen since the days of "Drew," "Hobie," "Kenney," "Wilky," and "McCarthy."

The Team

T. Kenney (Capt.), Center
R. Dowd, Left Center
F. Quinn, Left Tackle
P. Sanderson, Right End
C. Baker, Left Guard
F. Engel, Right Tackle
T. Bolden, Right End
R. Atkinson, Quarterback
S. Pratt, left Halfback
A. Porter, Right Guard
R. Griffin, Fullback
A. Regnier, left End
T. Blake, Right Halfback
A. Franklin, Fullback
Coaches, Fred Stone, Elmer Heidt
Manager, John Knapton
Assistant, Howard Marble

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