The 1916 Oriole

The Rifle Club

The Rifle Club

The season just completed has been another one of prosperity for the Technical High School Rifle Club, and the prospects for a State championship team are exceptionally brilliant. An added stimulus this season is the competition between the Red and Blue teams, for which a cup is to be the prize.


*Munroe C. Hawes
*Emerson M. Williams
*Edwin D. Martin
Team Captain
*Albert S. Holton
Assistant Captains
*Raymond Bernier
*Leslie Hancock
Faculty Advisor
Herbert F. Hartwell


B. Adams
W. Armstrong
A. Barone
A. Barrett
W. Bell
C. Bliss
J. Booth
H. Buckler
J. Buckler
E. Burnham
E. Carey
N. Chadwick
D. Clark
*C. Congdon
H. Congdon
H. Costello
R. Davis
C. Denault
H. Drumm
C. Dyson
G. Dywar
*R. Eldred
D. Fuller
F. Gallagher
W. Garner
T. Garrison
E. Graves
W. Gurney
G. Hodges
H. Humphrey
J. Kushman
H. King
W. Leshure
E. Lovett
*R. Martin
N. Mitchell
E. Moody
L. Olvey
A. Oliver
A. Oppenheimer
R. Palmer
H. Porter
R. Prickett
L. Roy
R. Scakett
C. Spellman
S. Stusick
W. Sullivan
R. Tait
S. Thyberg
H. Trombley
A. Underwood
A. Wells
*W. Woodward

*Members of Team

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