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Around School

Around School

       The smallest one of this group is Restless Rudy Rossing, the three "R's" in person. Restless is a human dynamo; he is always going somewhere, but where and why is something that even he doesn't know. The only thing Rudy is ever certain about is his devoted, affection for Jennie Fields. To guide himself Chet fears headlights which can be seen attached to his shoes or did he actually polish them today. The youth at the right is of Swedish extraction. Doug Larson is his name and a regular square head is he.

       What is this? judging from the way they all support their heads, it must be the club for feeble minded youngsters. But no, it is the masculine part of the '29 1/2, prom committee with Harold Mosedale added for good measure. The boys seem. to be trying out the good old Egyptian theory that numbers can accomplish anything. just now Lovell, Bill, Gerry, Dick, and Harold are concentrating on a terrific problem. They are trying to decide whether all comers to the prom are to be allowed to carry their own refreshments, in the shape of eskimo pies, in their vest pockets or whether, they should be charged 25 cents a peek at some ice cream.

       Gather round, fellows, Shorty has a story! Perhaps he is just telling his boss, the late editor of Tech News, Mitchell Kania, how to run his paper. Sprague thinks that the paper should contain more and funnier jokes; but Mitchell says what's the use of putting the jokes in the paper when Sprague spreads them around school beforehand. Sprague and Mitchell spent many a late hour at the Merry Job Printing Co. In his spare moments Sprague would read all the loose literature, good and bad, that he could lay his hands upon in the office.

       Judge, the wonder magazine has produced a somewhat startling effect upon this group of sober, judicially minded seniors. The magazine was presented to Ted Falt by the class Of '29 ½, so that he could "read it and weep" if he ever forgot how to laugh. Frank Havens, at the left in the picture, was known through Tech as a rather clever artist. The fellow hiding his grin behind the magazine is Bill Chapman. Bill is terribly romantic. When the time before his class prom was getting short, Bill suddenly became interested in the art of toddling around the Tech "cigar box." He went to Densmore's select dancing academy to learn how to do it. There he met the girl of his dreams or something to that effect.

       We wonder what it is that Bob Pease is handing to Dick Blair. Knowing Bob it can't be money, so it must be cigar coupons. When the bottom fell out of the stock market, the price of spats fell with it. That's why Bob was seen wearing spats the last days of his school life. While at Tech Bob devoted his time to the traffic situation. The conjested conditions of the corridors were quickly remedied when Bob had the bright idea of having traffic officers lean against the walls instead of standing in the middle of the corridors. Dick is another one of these fresh air enthusiasts. In fact, he is seldom seen wearing a hat. Dick thinks up new ideas so fast that to cool his aching brow he had to adopt the air cooled motor method.

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