Tech Tiger

Technical High School, Springfield MA



As Springfield is on the Connecticut River, it has advantages over many other inland cities. The well equipped high school boathouse and facilities are used extensively by the Tech crews.

Already the temporary first and second crews have raced the Pomfret second and third crews. Tech lost both races.

The crew has two more races in view. The annual interschool race on the Connecticut and the New England Regatta on the Charles River. Here Tech will race the high school crews of New England. If successful, they will probably race the prep schools of New England the following year.

Teach this year organized the first post-graduate crew in the history of rowing in Springfield.

Coach, Mr. R. Mackenzie
Manager, T. Steele

J. Buckley - Coxwain
Capt. A. Langlois - Stroke
H. Frisbie - No. 7
R. Johnson - No. 6
H. King - No. 5
J. Westfall - No. 4
Pierson - No. 3
E. St. George - No. 2
C. Moran - No. 1

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