Tech Tiger

Technical High School, Springfield MA



The Tech team started the season brilliantly by defeating both Central and Commerce by the close margin of two points. In these games the teamwork of "Cap" William Fitzpatrick and Tullio Francesconi featured. The team, however, was stopped by Cathedral and Trade in the two following games and Commerce avenged its defeat by beating Tech in the second struggle between the two teams. Out of town, Tech defeated Amherst but was turned back by Greenfield.

Coach, Bob Stout
Captain, Wm. Fitzpatrick
Manager, Joe Buckley

First Team

William Fitzpatrick
Tullio Francesconi
John Thayer
John Glassnos
Charles Loizzo
James Easson
James Keenan
Second Team

F. Bisson
C. Moran
I. Pevzer
T. Hoar
E. Sherburne
J. Westfall
J. Cavanaugh
W. Munro
G. McCleary, Mgr.

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