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Le Salon

Le Salon

Tech's French Club, Le Salon, is composed of members whose average in French is 80% or over. The aim of the club is to facilitate conversation in French and to study the French language outside of class. An effort is made to acquaint the members with the customs and history of the French people.


First Semester

President, Frank Havens
Vice-President, Tullio Francesconi
Secretary, Barbara Chapman
Treasurer, James McDermott
Second Semester

President, Ruth Linquist
Vice-President, Tullio Francesconi
Secretary, Barbara Chapman
Treasurer, Henry Frisbie

Faculty Adviser, Mr. Mitchell


Philip Ackerman
Roy Arcand
Martin Arslanian
George Best
Marion Bryant
Robert Bullock
Sarah Clement
Dora Barcome
Beulah Burgess
Louis Duquette
Beatrice Duteau
Lois Fischer
Henry Frisbie
William Hannah
Ethel Hartenstein
Joan Hopper
Genevieve Hovey
Mildred Kania
Daniel Kaplan
Dorothy Lavalle
Ruth Lindquist
Emma Morton
Barbara Mowry
Winifred Newton
Dale Outhouse
Gabrield Paré
Shirley Putnam
Sylvia Putnam
Roger Roberts
Wesley Reid
Ruby Roy
Newton Shirley
Warren Shirley
Paul Smith
Theodore Steele
Grace Sullivan
John Westfall
Carol Winchell
Lillian Winchell
Gerhard Ansel
Ethel Graichen
David Kerr
William Larson
Alice Nadel
Jean Ostiguy

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