Tech Tiger

Technical High School, Springfield MA

Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council, one of the school's most helpful organizations, is composed of members, elected by the students from each room. The purpose of this organization is to try to solve various problems of the school. Certain minor cases of discipline are brought before this body.


First Semester

President, Richard Blair
Secretary Treasurer, Wahnetia Hobbs
Chairman of Lower House, Tullio Francesconi
Second Semester

President, Tullio Francesconi
Secretary-Treasurer, Emma Morton
Chairman of Lower House, George Colton

Faculty Advisers, Mr. Spence, Mr. Aiken, Mr. Stout


Meigs Bartmess
Allegna Beach
Lucille Bronellet
Joesph Buckley
Bruce Campbell
George Cheney
George Colton
William Fitzpatrick
Tullio Francesconi
Henry Frisbie
John Fuller
Russell Galpin
Harry Goodwin
Wahnetia Hobbs
Elbert Jones
George Jones
Alfred Langlois
Laura Lee
Clinton Leech
Ruth Lindquist
George McCleary
Fred McClellen
Emma Morton
Edwin Nelmes
Rita Neylon
Dale Outhouse
Armand Paré
Eugene Ploneau
Doris Reichert
Robert Rowles
Harry Samble
Isabel Sargent
Newton Sherley
John Smith
D. C. Thompson
Virginia Wiggin
Leslie Woods

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