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The Athenaeum

The Athenaeum

The Athenaeum is a club of girls chosen from the Junior and Senior classes who have obtained an average of 80% or better in English work. The purpose of the club is both social and literary. Poems are studied one semester; plays the next. Every two weeks, meetings are held at the home of one of the members. This year the Athenaeum put on a very fine Christmas Assembly, representing some of the fine, old English Christmas customs. It was a great success; it showed the work that the Athenaeum is capable of doing.


First Semester

President, Ethel Hartenstein
Vice-President, Sylvia Putnam
Secretary, Sarah Clement
Treasurer, Bernice Manning
Second Semester

President, Ruth Lindquist
Vice-President, Irene Tillotson
Secretary, Grace Sullivan
Treasurer, Sarah Clement

Faculty Adviser, Miss Best


Mary Bliss
Virginia Bridgman
Ernestine Browning
Marion Bryant
Barbara Chapman
Sarah Clement
Caroline Daboll
Amy Dunham
Elsie Fassel
Signe Gardell
Ethel Hartenstein
Virginia Kelley
Elizabeth Kirkland
Ruth Lindquist
Bernice Manning
Emma Morton
Barbara Mowry
Marion Parsons
Shirley Putnam
Agnes Rawstron
Ruth Richmond
Shirley Roberts
Mary Smith
Betty Stanton
Grace Sullivan
Irene Tillotson
Carol Winchell
Lillian Winchell
Sylvia Putnam

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