Tech Tiger

Technical High School, Springfield MA

Junior Pro Merito

Tech's Junior Pro Merito is a sub-division of the Senior Pro Merito, Pupils from the 10A, 11B, and 11A classes with an average of 85% or better in all subjects are eligible for membership in this club.


First Semester

President, Henry Frisbie
Vice-President, Tullio Francesconi
Secretary, Newton Sherley
Treasurer, Newton Sherley
Second Semester

President, Newton Sherley
Vice-President, Nels Bengston
Secretary, Harriet Andrus
Treasurer, Harriet Andrus

Faculty Advisers, Miss Richmond, Dr. Cockayne


Arson Aghazarian
Harriet Andrus
Grace Avery
Philip Babb
Meigs Bartmess
Nels Bengston
Frank Bozenhard
Lucille Brouilett
Ernestine Browning
Marion Bryant
William Budington
Robert Bullock
Achille Capecelatro
Lucille Carlisle
Ferdinand Cigal
Edmund Dabrowski
Peter Dleczosynski
Raymond Fenner
Paul Fournier
Stella Furmon
Phyllis Gleason
Howard Gourley
Ethel Graichen
Harold Graves
John Hanley
Wahnetia Hobbs
Daniel Kaplan
Elizabeth Kirkland
David Kerr
Eric Lackstrom
William Larson
Clinton Leech
Gail McGowan
Ruby Mason
George McCleary
William McKay
Louise Moriarty
Philip Myers
Alice Nadle
Edwin Nelmes
Phyllis Paulk
Eugene Pederzoli
Edward Pomeroy
William Potter
Shirley Putnam
Eric Rash
Doris Reichert
Roland Reilly
Marion Rice
Jesse Richardson
John Riffelmacher
Janet Sackett
Mary Ealier
Maurice Savoie
Stevens Shea
Newton Sherley
Warren Sherley
Albina Shinofsky
Helen Smart
Arline Smith
Stanley Smith
Edith Squazza
Norma Stratton
James Thomas
Donald Thompson
Kenneth Tuttle
Louise Urban
Harry Valler
Marion Wade
Edith Wallace
Olive Whitaker
Bradford White
George Wingard

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