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Technical High School, Springfield MA

Senior Pro Merito

Senior Pro Merito

Tech's Pro Meritois one of many such societies in the state of Massachusetts. It is primarily a scholarship society composed of members of the 12B and 12A classes, who have received an average of 85% or better in all their subjects during the Freshman and Junior years. Last semester, Tech was represented at the gathering of all the Pro Meritos in this state. There is a feeling among the faculty and student body that this society should play a more important part in the life of Tech.


First Semester

President, Frank McCarthy
Vice-President, Sylvia Putnam
Secretary, George Colton
Treasurer, Georgle Colton
Faculty Adviser, Dr. Cockayne
Second Semester

President, George Colton
Vice-President, Al Langlois
Secretary, Theodore Steele
Treasurer, Theodore Steele
Faculty Adviser, Miss Richmond


Dora Barcom
Ida Brayton
Joseph Buckley
Sarah Clement
George Colton
William Doane
Amy Dunham
Elsie Fassel
Tullio Francesconi
Henry Frisbie
Richard Johnson
Marion Knapp
Alfred Langlois
Ruth Linquist
James McDermott
Emma Morton
Eugene Shumski
Theodore Steele

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