Tech Tiger

Technical High School, Springfield MA

Officers, Class of 1930 ½

Tau Delta Sigma

Tau Delta Sigma

Tech's Tau Delta Sigma, one of Tech's most popular clubs, hold meetings every Monday after school. After the business of the meeting is over, a short play is given by the members. In this way, promising young actors and actresses are discovered. Besides these meeting, they usually put on one long play each semester. Tryouts for membership are held for those that wish to join the club.

First Semester

President, George Colton
Vice-President, Stanley Bebler
Secretary, Barbara Chapman
Treasurer, Joseph Buckley
Samuel Resnick
Second Semester

President, George Colton
Vice-President, Joseph Buckley
Secretary, Barbara Chapman
Treasurer, Carl Maloy
Faculty Adviser, Mr. Smith


Frederick Barrett
Stanley Bebler
John Belcher
Manuel Bozbeckian
Joseph Beckley
Bruce Campbell
Gertrude Charles
George Colton
Lois Fischer
Eugene Foster
Ralph Hayden
David Wood
Louise Hillard
Jo Hobbs
Joan Hopper
Marcia Kane
William Lennon
Roderick Linton
Julian Lloyd
Theodore Kresser
Isma Maher
Carl Maloy
Herman Marston
Marion Misett
Lucile Moran
Winfred Newton
Dale Outhouse
Agnes Rawstron
Samuel Resnick
Henrietta Rowland
James Rowley
Wilma Skinner
Alice Sullivan
Barbara Thomas
Richard Waite
Richard Perkins

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