Tech Tiger

Technical High School, Springfield MA

Officers, Class of 1930 ½

Tech News

Tech News

This year the Press Club is taking the place of the regular News Class. This club meets every Monday during the home room periof, The purpose of the club is to write and publish the Tech News. This semester the Tech News Staff put on a Hi-Ho Dance, a great success.

Press Club

Managing Editor, Shirley Roberts
News Editors, Lois Fischer, James McDermott, Joseph Buckley
Make-up Editor, Henry Frisbie
Associate Editors, Ruth Lindquist, Draper Jerome
Copy Editors, Theodore Steele, Ida Brayton
Faculty Adviser, Mr. D. C. Francis

Katherine Andrus
Ida Brayton
Virginia Bridgman
Joseph Buckley
Elsie Fassel
Alletta Firtion
Lois Fischer
Henry Frisbie
Ethel Graichen
Walter Horne
Draper Jerome
Ruth Lindquist
James McDermott
Ruby Mason
Philip Myder
Phyllis Paulk
Shirley Roberts
Janet Sackett
Robert Schirch
Paul Smith
Theodore Steele
Everett Stevens
Louis Urban
Harry Valler

Business Staff

Business Manager, Charles Burnham
Advertising Manager, Carroll, Clewly
Circulating Manager, Doris Clark
Secretary, Helen Csigas
Leslie Woods
Philip Sturgeon
William Lennon
Milton Clark
Beven Long
Marcia Kane

Faculty Adviser, Mr. R. V. Fitzroy

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