History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

Three, 45 years.
Two, 44 years.
Three, 43 years.
Five, 42 years.
One, 41 years.
One, 40 years.
Three, 38 years.
One, 36 years.
One, 35 years.
Four, 34 years.
Two, 33 years.
Two, 31 years.
Two, 28 years.
One, 26 years.
Three, 25 years.
One, 24 years.
Two, 23 years.
One, 22 years.
Two, 21 years.
One, 18 years.
Two, 17 years.

        In the second story of the building there was a school for girls taught by Miss Mary and Miss Nancy Holland, of Westfield, Mass., sisters of the late Dr. James Holland. Miss Mary Holland died Feb. 8, 1836, aged 31. Miss Nancy Holland died Dec. 12, 1836, aged 29. Miss Susan Whitney, sister of the late Gen. James S. Whitney (the father of ex-Secretary of the Navy William C. Whitney), was a teacher. Miss Margaret Bliss, who has been an honored and successful teacher for many years in our public schools and still resides in the city, taught one term.

        At a town meeting held Oct. 7, 1841, the town voted that John Howard, William Child, and Francis M. Carew, be a committee "to sell and convey the High School House and the land on which it stands—and whereas the lot of land on which said High School House stands was given by Simon Sanborn to the town for the sole purpose of maintaining a high school at said place, therefore, —voted, that out of the proceeds of said sale there be paid to Simon Sanborn such a sum as in the opinion of said committee he is entitled to receive, and the residue be applied on the town debt or held for that purpose."

        On the 4th of April, 1842, the committee appointed to sell the High School house and land report:—

Amount received on sale to Philo F. Wilcox,          $ 1,175.50
Paid Simon Sanborn for land,            $ 275.00
"expenses of sale and auctioneer's commissions    $ 11.87          
$ 286.87          
"balance to Town Treasurer,            $ 888.63

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