History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

        AUGUST LEPARD, New York City. -- Carpenter and builder. He died in 1876, aged about 58.

        AMOS RUSSELL, Springfield, Mass. — In 1842 he went to learn carriage making of the late David Smith. From 1844 to 1847 was employed at the U. S. Armory, and at the Sharps rifle factory, Hartford, Conn., four years; at Colt's pistol works, Hartford, Conn., and Providence Railroad shop, Providence, R. I., several years.

        JOSEPH B. LOMBARD, Potsdam, N. Y. -- Mason and builder. Was in business at Brooklyn, N. Y., two years. He died at Potsdam, N. Y., July 7, 1863, aged 41.

        R. S. PARKER. — Was station agent at Springfield, Mass., for the Hartford & New Haven Railroad Company. In 1860 he removed to Chicago, Ill. Now a commission merchant.

        DWIGHT E. BATES. — Went South, was a civil engineer in Louisiana, and later in Springfield, Mass., and in Illinois, Alabama, and Florida. During the Rebellion he entered the Confederate Army as an engineer, and became an artillerist and first lieutenant in the army of Virginia. He was a member of the class of 1836, at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn.

        GEORGE S. KENDALL, Springfield, Mass. — He died Dec. 29, 1845, aged 17.

        ELEAZER J. RING. — Attended Wesleyan Academy, and in 1845 Williston Academy. Taught school at East Longmeadow, Easthampton, and Hyannis, Mass. In 1847 he went to Toronto, Ont., where, and in Hamilton, London, and on the Grand river in Ontario, he resided ten years, engaged in the boot and shoe business, the stove business, and the lumber business. In 1857 he removed to Huron, Ohio, where, and in Sandusky in the same state, he remained until 1862, still engaged in the lumber business. In 1862 he removed to Saginaw, Mich., where his large lumber interests could be better attended to, and where he now resides.

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