History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

U. S Census Bureau, 1880; city assessor from April, 1881, to April, 1889, and chairman of the board five years. Now corresponding secretary of the Connecticut Valley Historical Society.

        THEODORE SCHIPPER, Springfield, Mass. — A wheelwright, learned the trade of Eleazur Williams on the "Hill."

        BENJAMIN LORING. — Went to California about 1843, followed the sea, was an officer on a vessel in the Mediterranean trade.

        FREDERICK S. ALLEN. — Went to California in 1849. He died at Union City, Cal., July 24, 1850, aged 22.

        CHARLES V. R. AUSTIN, Springfield, Mass. — Was a bookbinder in New York four years, employed at U. S. Armory seventeen years. Since 1870 employed at Smith & Wesson's.

        CHARLES BLACKMAN, East Longmeadow, Mass. — Farmer.

        DENISON ABEL, Southwick, Mass. — Employed at U. S. Armory until 1850, now a farmer.

        ETHAN C. RING. — Employed at Hill & Winship's tool shop, Springfield, Mass., until 1838; he then went to Worthington, Mass. (in what is now known as Ringville), and engaged in the manufacture of joiners' tools. He was a member of the Legislature from Ringville in 1844-45. In i85i he was appointed postmaster of the town. In 1861 he was appointed inspector of customs at Boston, where he remained until 1885. He resides in Melrose, Mass.

        JOHN Q. A. SEXTON, Springfield, Mass. — A member of the common council in 1865, superintendent of streets in 1868, 1871, 1872. Now employed at U. S. Armory.

        HENRY P. FERRE, Springfield, Mass. — Machinist, employed at U. S. Armory and Smith & Wesson's, with Ames Manufacturing Co., Chicopee, Mass., and at Colt's rifle works, Hartford, Conn., at various times.

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