History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

passengers and friends gratuitously. In 1851 he returned to Springfield, Mass., and engaged in printing, and in lecturing upon the early history of California, and its gold fields. In 1854-5 he pursued a theological course in the Biblical Institute at Concord, New Hampshire (now the Boston University). For the last thirty-four years he has been engaged in the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal Church, twelve years in New Hampshire, six years in Massachusetts, and sixteen years in the Rocky Mountains. In 1887, he was appointed by the governor of Colorado chaplain to the Colorado State Penitentiary at Canon City, Colo., which position he now occupies.

        LUTHER BLISS, JR., Springfield, Mass. — Born October 30, 1821. Was clerk about two years for Henry Adams, who had a market and grocery store on Sanford street. From 1850 engaged in farming and teaming about ten years, and then in the grocery business about twelve years. Having sold out, in 186i he formed a partnership with A. F. Cowles under the firm name of Cowles & Bliss and engaged in the confectionery and fruit business for a period of ten years. Desiring a change in business he sold out and in 1871 formed a partnership with Chapin & Wooster, wholesale millinery. The firm was then Chapin, Wooster & Bliss, which was continued about five years. In 1875 he opened a stove and tin ware manufacturing business with A. M. Galpin, the firm name being Galpin & Bliss, which they continued for about four years. Since the death of his father (in May, 1886), he has been engaged as executor and trustee under his will in settling his estate.

        FRANCIS T. POTTER. — When about sixteen years old he removed from Springfield, Mass., to Buffalo, N. Y., and at the age of twenty-one to Newstead, N. Y.; engaged in farming about five years. His parents moving to Wisconsin, he went to Canada and taught school in the London district about two years. From thence he went to New York city, where he learned marine steam engineering.

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