History Of The "Old High School" 1828-1840
by Charles Wells Chapin

traveling in Louisiana and other Southern states for several months. Returning to New York he went into the mercantile agency business, the firm being 0. R. Potter & Co. In 1858 they dissolved partnership and sold out to Killop & Wood. He subsequently engaged in the insurance business, in which lie remained until his death, which occurred at Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1867, at the age Of 54. One of his esteemed friends writes: "He was by birth a typical New Englander; a staunch abolitionist in the days when it took backbone and grit to be one. He was liberal in general lines of thought and warmly interested in all philanthropic schemes. Socially he was of genial disposition and of hospitable tendencies, an admirer of simplicity and straightforwardness of speech. While not belonging to any church he had a strong tendency to Unitarianism. He was for many years a member of the New England Club in New York city."

        WILLIAM H. BARBER, Springfield, Mass. — Employed at U. S. Armory from 1837 to 1861. From 1862 Was U. S. inspector at Windsor, Vt., Norwich, Middletown, and New Haven, Conn., until the close of the War of the Rebellion. Afterwards was hotel clerk until 1887.

        WARREN MILLS, Springfield, Mass. — A prominent contractor and builder for nearly forty years.

        JAMES KIRKHAM, Springfield, Mass. — Clerk with Henry Sargeant, jeweler, from 1837 to 1845. Firm of Woodworth & Kirkham from 1845 to 1851. In business on his own account from 1852 to 1858; a part of the time his brother was a partner. President of Pynchon Bank from 1857 to 1862; president of First National Bank from its organization in 1863. An able financier. A member of the common council and its president in 1856. An alderman in 1883. A director in the Mutual Fire Assurance Company, Street Railway Company of this city, and City Library Association, and treasurer of Oak Grove cemetery.

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